Careers at Alén Space

Join the ‘Space Business’

We were born for Space Business and believe that the coming decades those teams and professionals well-trained and focused on success will have incredible opportunities.

We work rigorously, for this reason we created “The Alén Space Matrix”, a method of work that is allowed by ECSS quality standards from European Space Agency(ESA). The mission design, system and AIV engineering (Assembly, Integration, and Verification) are documented and verified procedures.

The Alén Space’s team has on DNA a search for steady progress, thanks to our willingness we have collaborated with some of the world’s leading space agencies and organizations in an excellent way. We have a 100% success from small satellite missions.

A team forged with the world's leading space organisations and agenciesExperience

As a reward for our effort, Alén Space has received a wealth of awards and prizes that support the our way to do things and our team resilience.

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Application and Assessment Process

We hire by merit-based competition. We know it takes time, effort and hard work to keep a great place for a job. Therefore, our assessment process has an aim for giving an opportunity to demonstrate the candidates experience and enthusiasm.

A two-way process to ensure that we choose the best candidates, but also the candidate has the security of joining Alén Space is the right choice.

Our recruiters in coordination with each Proyect head department, they will select, attend and keep the candidate up to date with their progress.

If you feel apassionate about challenges and you want to join us in Open Space development, don’t hesitate to apply our open positions. If you are pre-selected, the recruiter will get in touch with you for a first interview. The next interviews will be prepared by the head department and other technical staff to know what aids you can support and what kind of support we bring you about.

All received applications are examinated in order to RGPD 2016/679 and LOPDGDD 3/2018 (current regulations on data protection): Data Protection Policy

The Alén Space Way

At Alén Space we have a purpose: our technology and work need to be fundamental for New Space development. We have a passion: let humanity advance beyond Earth by designing, manufacturing and managing small satellites.

We believe that good ideas raise in committed teams, including by the best professionals who feel well-protected in a prepared enviromment for your professional career.

If you shared our values, you would be member of our family, Alén Space:

  • Excellence

  • Closeness

  • Team responsability

  • Integrity

  • Expertise

  • Committed to a better world

Open Positions


Space Systems Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in engineering to join Systems and AIV Engineering Area of the company.


Space Business Pre-Sales Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in engineering to join Commercial Area of the company.


Software Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication or equivalent to join us.


RF & Communications Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Electronics or Telecommunication to design RF components.


Systems and AIV Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Aerospace, Telecommunication to join our Systems Engineering and AIV team.

Space DSP Engineer | Alén Space

DSP and Embedded Systems Engineer

The candidate must have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Telecommunication, Computer Science, or equivalent for developing radio embedded solutions.


Space Electronics Technician

The candidate must have a diploma of Higher Technician in Electronic Maintenance or equivalent to test electronic products (PCBs and cables).


Speculative Applications

If you profile don’t suit with us, then please don´t hesitate sending your CV. Our recruiter will get you in touch.


Graduate Programme

For students and recent graduates, we have our training program.