Alén Space invests in a new cleanroom to tackle future space missions

2023-07-31T13:58:29+02:00July 31, 2023|

Alén Space is committed to further increasing its technical capabilities and consequently its own facilities, through a new area of more than one hundred and twenty square metres in its corporate headquarters that includes a cleanroom for exclusive use and adapted to the demands of the small satellite sector.

The collaboration between Astralintu and Alén Space generates new opportunities for their ground segment services

2023-06-19T18:17:23+02:00June 27, 2023|

Alén Space and Astralintu Space Technologies have maintained a close business relationship that has recently been highlighted with the installation of the AST-GS1 ground station by the Ecuadorian company. The coordination between both companies was a great success and opens the door to increase their solutions for ground segment.

Alén Space consolidates its position by joining the multinational GMV

2023-06-21T13:40:37+02:00June 21, 2023|

Alén Space and the technology multinational GMV, have reached an acquisition agreement whereby Alén Space is integrated into the GMV’s global business group. This alliance represents a unique opportunity for both companies within the New Space industry. Together they aim to lead the manufacturing of small satellites and related technologies at a European and global level.

Alén Space team attends UK’s largest space industry event, Space-Comm Expo

2023-06-15T15:38:48+02:00June 8, 2023|

The Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre hosted the third edition of the most important congress of the British aerospace industry, the Space-Comm Expo. For the first time, the Alén Space team attended this renowned event where the entire supply chain related to space communications services is brought together.

The new edition of the CubeSat Developers Workshop is the perfect stage to present the modular subsystem TREVO

2023-05-03T13:56:33+02:00April 27, 2023|

The CubeSat Developers Workshop (CDW) held a new edition attended by more than 600 professionals and students linked to the small satellite and CubeSat sector. On behalf of Alén Space, the electronics area manager Aarón Nercellas, had the opportunity to give a presentation of the new modular platform, TREVO.

Alén Space allies with the main New Space Spanish players for the development of the Atlantic Constellation

2023-07-20T14:51:45+02:00January 11, 2023|

Alén Space together with other Spanish companies such as Elecnor Deimos, DHV Technology and Satlantis agree to join their capabilities to present the best joint proposal for the development of the eight satellites with which Spain will participate in the future Atlantic Constellation.

New Space España closes its second edition with the commitment to make the Spanish space industry a powerhouse

2023-07-20T14:56:06+02:00October 28, 2022|

During October 27th and 28th, New Space España 2022 gathered in Vigo more than 200 professionals and 90 companies from the national and international space industry, under the motto 'El camino hacia el liderazgo global', and whose main objective is to move forward to make Spain a global leader in the development of space missions.

Alén Space confirms its membership in the International Astronautical Federation during the IAC 2022 congress

2022-09-29T10:53:22+02:00September 22, 2022|

Alén Space attended IAC Paris 2022 as part of the Spain Space trade delegation (organised by ICEX and CDTI) to showcase its most important services. In addition, its membership to the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), the world's leading space advocacy organisation, was confirmed.

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