Command and Data Handling Products for Small Satellites

Command and data handling of small satellite missions is a fundamental part of any project. Consult the products developed by Alén Space in this area:


The integral three-in-one solution for the command and data handling chain of your satellite. The integration of the OBC, TTC and OBSW in one module, allows to save space while maintaining the redundancy and reliability expected from space hardware.

Plug&Play compatibility out of the box ensured with many subsystems of different suppliers. Ideal for rapid prototyping of payload integration into satellite platforms, ensuring that the Data Handling Chain and the compatibility with other subsystems is guaranteed.

Engineered with ECSS and ESA Packet Utilization Standards (PUS) and the quality of a team with 100% mission success rate.

The integration of the On-Board Computer, Telemetry, Tracking, and Command and the optional On-Board Software allows to have the most essential systems of the satellite in one single motherboard, standardizing the basic capabilities needed for operations and allowing to use your satellite with Alén Space Mission Control Software (MCS).

Command and Data Handling Product - Triskel

What does TRISKEL include?

  • On-board Computer (OBC).
  • Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC).
  • SDK. Everything you need to develop your own OBSW.
  • Optional: On-board Software (OBSW). Based on the ESA Packet Utilization Standard (PUS), it provides meticulous control of the satellite: error detection and repair, recovery system, TOTEM payload on/off, parameter setting, antenna control, etc.


TOTEM DVB-S2 is an ideal solution for missions with S-band small satellites, which require the transmission of large files or the download of data at high speed, up to 2 Mbps.

Alén Space’s DVB-S2 solution allows high data rate communications, so you can maximize the download of information and shorten the time needed to receive the data generated by the payload of small satellites.

This product is based on our experience of more than 12 years in the development of TOTEM, our SDR platform for small satellites successfully tested in space.

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