Five-Day Live Session Series


An approach on New Space break ground technology

2021 CubeSat Deep Dive offered five live sessions with the technical team of Alén Space to discuss CubeSat latest technology and mission challenges. Select a live session and review it.

Live Sessions

Live Session 1

February 23

Bibiano Arruti - Alén Space

Satellite Link Mastery

Ground station and communications budget

With Bibiano Arruti
(Hardware designer at Alén Space)

Live Session 2

March 9

Alberto González - Alén Space

CubeSats Operation: How to Outperform Mission Goals

Concept of Operations (CONOPS), elements, plan and execution

With Alberto González
(CTO of Alén Space)

Live Session 3

March 23

Diego Nodar - Alén Space

Aviation, Maritime and IoT Payloads

Ready to launch AIS, VDES and ADS-B

With Diego Nodar
(COO of Alén Space)

Live Session 4

April 6

José Miguel Lago

SDR Platform Case Study

A demo of TOTEM capabilities with GNURadio

With José Miguel Lago
(Software Engineer at Alén Space)

Keynote Live Session

April 20

Fernando Aguado - Alén Space Advisory Board

Satellite Systems Engineering

From mission design to AIV

With Ph.D. Fernando Aguado
(Full member of the International Academy of Astronautics)

Fernando Aguado

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