Ready to Launch Solutions

At Alén Space, we have the capacity to develop tailor-made projects adapted to our clients’ needs, and we can also offer you three solutions that are already 100% operational and ready for launching in a nanosatellite, with our own integrated hardware and software that is a result of more than twelve years’ experience in the sector.

Without waiting times, ready to launch your enterprise into space, and with the quality guarantee of Alén Space Matrix.


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology is on the rise. Communication with machines and objects allows for real-time access to information on all types of parameters in order to obtain smart metering, make forecasts, and improve the efficiency of processes. With the help of nanosatellites, these data can be transmitted at any time from any part of the planet.

Our pre-tested and ready to launch IoT solution consists of four elements:

  • TOTEM, our high-performance Software Defined Radio (SDR).
  • UHF interface, the radio front-end integrated in Totem.
  • IoT communications software, a protocol developed by Alén Space for use in space projects and for transmitting IoT data.
  • IoT land-based terminals, which make it possible to connect any data source for transmission via nanosatellite.

Aircraft Surveillance

The ADS-B system (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) offers the aviation sector a solution to improve the control and increase the safety of aircraft. This technology makes it possible to know the precise location of aircraft at any time, without the need to depend on land-based stations, eliminating shadow zones.

At Alén Space we have a specific solution that has already been developed, tested, and prepared for use for ADS-B, which consists of:

  • TOTEM, our high-performance Software Defined Radio (SDR).
  • L-Band interface.
  • Dedicated software for ADS-B, developed by Alén Space for use in space projects, to receive and transmit ADS-B surveillance data.

Signals Intelligence

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) makes it possible to analyse the electromagnetic spectrum, detect interference and transmissions by unauthorised third parties, and to identify signals originating from Earth and outer space. Its applications include national security duties or the ability to observe the degree of impact and areas affected by natural disasters.

Alén Space has developed and prepared its own SIGINT solution, which consists of:

  • TOTEM, our high-performance Software Defined Radio (SDR).
  • The choice between UHF, S-Band or L-Band, depending on the clients’ preferences.
  • SIGINT software developed by Alén Space for use in space projects and transmitting SIGINT data.

Now you know about our ready to launch solutions, if you would like further information to help develop your project, please do not hesitate to contact us

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