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Looking for a Space Science partner? We share the purpose to look outwards from our planet, to the stars and beyond. Understanding our own cosmic neighborhood is our aim too.

We help industry, academia and R&D centers to take all the advantages of experimenting in real space while getting rid of all the hassle involved in the mission (satellite, launch, communications…).

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Alén Space Team

Why Alén Space?

  • A team forged with the United Nations, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)

  • 12 years of small satellite projects

  • CubeSats missions: 100% success

  • Experienced with science institutions and R&D partners

A Small Satellite Project in Space Science


  • 2015-2016

  • Project with ESA and NASA

  • Study phase of Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM). A CubeSat to measure the size, shape and concentration of fine dust ejected in the aftermath of the collision and its evolution over time.

  • 3U class

Asteroid Impact Mission - Dustcube

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