Small Satellite Training Programmes

Our training programmes prepare your team for the development of missions with small satellites (nanosatellites and microsatellites). Everything you need to manage internally the processes that you consider critical for your project in space. Our programmes adapt the processes of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS) to the small satellite sector.

Contract the entire program or choose the training module that best suits your needs: mission design, AIV and mission operations.

Mission Design

Alén Space’s mission design and systems engineering training program will enable your professionals to understand in detail the methodology and steps required in the planning phase of a small satellite mission.

Serpens CubeSat

What will your team learn?

  • Setting the objectives and requirements of a mission with small satellites.
  • Implementation of system architecture.
  • Preparation of technical studies:
    • Power Budget.
    • Link budget.
    • Data budget.
    • Thermal analysis.
    • Mass budget.
  • Selection of the CubeSats orbit.
  • Satellite design.

AIV: Assembly, Integration, and Verification

The training program in AIV (assembly, integration and verification) from Alén Space will allow your team to take care of the integration of the different components of a satellite and the necessary tests for the development of small satellites under the CubeSat standard.

Training Programmes: AIV

What will your team learn?

  • Development of test procedures for small satellites.
  • Analysis of the most common interfaces for CubeSats.
  • Use of laboratory instrumentation.
  • Carrying out work in a clean room.
  • Vibration and thermovacuum test facilities and programmes.

Mission Operations

Alén Space’s mission operations training program will train your professionals in the management and control of satellites in orbit.

Training Programmes: Operations

What will your team learn?

  • Small satellite operation in the following stages:
    • Preparation of operations.
    • LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase).
    • IOCP (In-Orbit Commissioning Phase).
    • Normal operation of the satellites for the service for which they were designed.
  • Planning of operations.
  • Use of mission control software.
  • Use of tracking, telemetry and command systems (TTC).

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