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Very few companies can be this proud: 100% success rate in three different projects developed by this team.


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Vast experience in the development of nanosatellies through more than 10 years of successful projects.


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A big, unique team who has been working together since the beginning of these space activities on 2007.

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We love developing exciting space technology!

Nanosatellite Mission Design

We implement a modern Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) process that shortens the time-to-market while preserving the quality of the design.

Manufacturing & Testing

Our manufacturing and quality assurance processes follow the ECSS standards in order to provide a high end-product to our customers that meets their expectations.

Communications Systems

We have developed our own full-fledged software-defined radio for high-speed and reliable space-to-ground communications. It even has flight heritage! We have successfully tested this equipment for automated M2M communications.

Operations & Ground Segment

With an ECSS-based operations & and ground segment design, your business will offer the highest-performing services to your customers.

Team's Experience

Brief descriptions of our missions... you'll love them!

XaTcobeo - 1U class

Launch: 2012 (Vega maiden flight)

Developed within the University of Vigo
Research Project

Xatcobeo (Cubesat 1U) carried three payloads: a software defined reconfigurable radio completely developed by the group, a system for measuring the amount of ionizing radiation and an innovative solar panel deployment system.

HumSAT/D - 1U class

Launch: 2014 (DNEPR)

Developed within the University of Vigo
Research Project

The HumSAT constellation provides communications services for low datarate devices deployed in remote areas. This project allowed us design a entire constellation from the system point of view. HumSAT/D was a technology demonstration satellite for our M2M communications technology.

SERPENS - 3U class

Launch: 2015 (ISS)

Developed by University of Brasilia and University of Vigo
Financed by Brazilian Space Agency

SERPENS was a 3U nanosatellite providing: a spacecraft platform, M2M payload & terminals and consultancy in management, systems engineering, integration & test campaign and ground segment & operations. It was successfully operated using our own network of ground stations.

LUME-1 - 2U class

Launch: 2018 (upcoming)

Developed within the University of Vigo
ERDS funded project: Fire-RS

LUME-1 is a 2U which provides the communications services required by the FIRE-RS system to fulfill its mission objectives, but at the same time will serve as IOD Platform for the validation of TOTEM a Software Defined Radio payloadd. It will incorporate, in a very reduced volume, UHF and S-band communications; together with spectrum monitoring capabilities.

DustCube - 3U class

European Space Agency - Study Phase

Developed within the University of Vigo
SysNova Study of the European Space Agency

The DustCube project was a study carried out to validate the feasibitliy of developing a 3U class nanosatellite to be part of the AIM mission of the European Space Agency. The nanosatellite designed had to survive a very harsh interplanetary environment in terms of temperature drifts, radiation and potential particle impacts.

AISTECH2U-1 - 2U class

Launch: 2018 (upcoming)

Developed within CINAE
Customer: AISTECH space

The AISTECH2U-1 is a 2U class nanosatellite that will be used as a technology demonstrator for a future nanosatellites constellation to be deployed by AISTECH space in the upcoming years. This satellite will include a M2M communications payload, together with an ADS-B receiver; altogether in a tiny 2U platform.

Inspect/A - 6U class

European Space Agency - Study Phase

Developed within the University of Vigo
Payload integration project for the European Space Agency

This contract with the European Space Agency involves carrying out a phase B study on the integration of a biological payload in a 6U-class nanosatellite. This payload exposes biological samples directly to the radiation of the Sun, under a very strict controlled environment.

AISTECH6U-1 - 6U class

Launch: 2019 (upcoming)

Developed within CINAE
Customer: AISTECH space

Currently under development, the AIST6U nanosatellite will include a high resolution multi-spectral camera, an M2M communications payload and an ADS-B payload. Incoporating high datarate communications, will become the demonstrator of a future nanosatellites constellation for AISTECH space.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

A bunch of innovators toughened along 11 years of space missions.

Guillermo Lamelas


Diego Nodar

Hardware design

Alberto González

Integration & Operations

Franco Pérez

Integration & Systems

Diego Hurtado

Embedded systems

Antón Vázquez

Integration & Systems

Aarón Nercellas

Hardware design

Bibiano Arruti

Hardware design

Fernando Aguado

Smallsats advisor

Arno Formella

Software development advisor

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