SATMAR Project

The SATMAR project aims to evaluate in a real scenario the feasibility of the VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) standard to maintain connectivity and communication at great distances from the coast.

The initiative includes the design, manufacture, launch and operation of a nanosatellite (6U) that provides VDES services. This technology will make it possible to provide two-way VHF digital communications from anywhere in the world and to solve different problems: current network saturation, more accurate estimation of vessel arrival times, managing maritime alerts and encryption of the information transmitted.

This project is supported by the Ports 4.0 equity fund, participated by Puertos del Estado and the Spanish State Port Authorities.

›  Technology Capacities: Communications and satellite services under the VDES standard

›  Execution: Launch into orbit scheduled for 2024

›  Financing Program: Pre-commercial project selected by Ports 4.0 equity fund

›  Partners: Egatel and Alén Space

›  Collaborating Entities: Port Authority of the Bay of Algeciras, Oritia & Boreas, S.L. and Hércules Control, S.L.