Small Satellites for the New Space

New opportunities arise every day in Space business. Put your project in orbit with our proven experience in design, manufacture and operation of small satellites.

The Reliable Tech Partner to Speed Up your Mission

Here at Alen Space our goal and attitude to always strive for and reach the space is our drive to enhance tomorrow’s future.

12 Years of Nanosatellite Projects

Experience, knowledge and skills to be a partner of your orbital business.

Lume-1 Nanosatellite

CubeSats Missions: 100% Accuracy

Well tested and full configurable solutions to meet each mission requirements.

End-to-end Missions

A fast, flexible and unexpensive approach to Space with customised, reliable and avant-garde solutions

Experience working with

A team forged with the world's leading space organisations and agencies

Latest News

Alén Space showcases its products and solutions at SSSIF 2024

February 22, 2024|

The fifth edition of the Small Satellites & Services International Forum (SSSIF) brought together designers, developers, launchers, technicians, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the space industry. Once again, the event featured the presence of Alén Space, as one of the co-organizers and exhibitors of the congress.

Alén Space invests in a new cleanroom to tackle future space missions

July 31, 2023|

Alén Space is committed to further increasing its technical capabilities and consequently its own facilities, through a new area of more than one hundred and twenty square metres in its corporate headquarters that includes a cleanroom for exclusive use and adapted to the demands of the small satellite sector.

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