Research and Development on Small Satellites

Space cannot be understood without research. We are committed to the development of new solutions and products since our early years as team. Proof of our commitment and efficiency in the research and development are the projects carry out and completed successfully.

New technological developments that reduce the costs of using space-based applications and collaborations among local, national, regional and international stakeholders can potentially increase the uptake of applications.

We develop research projects internally or in collaboration with other companies and institutions. Some of them have received recognition from public entities, which have participated in their financing.

Research and development
European Union

Sayari project

Sayari is a network of reconfigurable nanosatellites to host third-party space services, that will serve as a shuttle for the creation of new commercial game disrupting applications.

Ministerio de Ciencia e innovación +AEI


This project defines the design and development of a network based on VDES and 5G, providing a complete monitoring solution for the maritime communications. It has been supported by the Spaninsh Ministry of Science and Innovation and the AEI.



The NEOTEC Program seeks the consolidation of technology-based companies. The 2021-2022 business plan of ALÉN SPACE, S.L. is supported by this program to strengthen company’s technology and commercial capabilities.

InnovaPEME 2019


Our Innovation Plan 2019-2020 has the support of the InnovaPEME 2019 program, within its aid to improve the innovation capacity of small caps and medium companies in Galicia (Spain).