Small Satellites for Earth Observation (EO)

Satellite Constellations for Optical Imaging and Weather Forecast

Small satellites constellations can deliver geometrical and significantly improved resolutions to leverage projects by using Earth Observation (EO) data for optical imaging. The applications include weather forecast, agriculture (insurance and crop yields management), energy (gas pipelines and oil deposits), infrastructures (harbors, airports…), environment (oil spills on the sea, deforestation, desertification, melting ice…), mapping, defense, and natural disaster prevention, among others.

We help companies and R&D centers to take all the advantages of doing Earth Observation from the space getting rid of all the hassle involved in the mission (satellite, launch, communications…).

When satellites collect observational data, the images generally fall into different categories: optical, multispectral, hyperspectral, panchromatic imagery… The main difference among them is the number of (wavelength or frequency) bands within the electromagnetic spectrum that is observed and how narrow the bands are.

Earth Observation

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