Small Satellites for IoT Services

Satellite Constellations for IoT Networks

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been recognized as a key driver of 5G wireless communications. However, there are many use cases such as monitoring of remote areas, Internet provisioning to under-served or disrupted regions, or intelligent global transport management, which require a more global, scalable, flexible, and resilient solution.

Only about 25% of the World’s landmass is served by cell towers. The rest of the land, and all of water mass, have no coverage. To enable massive machine to machine (M2M) connectivity, in remote and rural areas, coverage needs to be available beyond cell towers.

The rising demand for higher bandwidth and the increasing data traffic across various business sectors, coupled with congestion in networks, are some of the drivers substantiating the need for network evolution. Moreover, rapid technological advancements in 5G satellite services in industries around the world are expected to drive the market.

Alen IoT

Our IoT Space Solution

Alén Space provides an end-to-end solution to orbit our clients’ IoT services. The emergence of satellite communications for IoT is expected to gradually increase the demand for satellite M2M communications across the World. Small satellite constellations can provide a space-based communication stable platform for IoT devices.

Our tested and ready to launch IoT solution consists of these elements:

  • TOTEM IoT. A high performance SDR (Software Defined Radio) for nanosatellites, designed and manufactured by Alén Space with flight heritage. The received signals are processed and the one transmitted to the ground is generated. You can also add a second application for your TOTEM hardware: ADS-B, AIS or Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

  • UHF interface, the radio front-end integrated in TOTEM and a folding antenna.

  • IoT communications software, a protocol developed by Alén Space for use in space projects and for transmitting IoT complex signal.

  • IoT land-based terminals, which make it possible to connect any data source for transmission via satellite. These communications devices allow to exchange short messages for IoT/M2M applications in space projects, ready to integrate into any sensor/device to provide low data-rate satellite communications. It connects directly to the message generator (e.g. a sensor), receives the information, transmits it to the satellite and collects its responses, if any.

  • Mission management. Focus on your IoT service. Alén Space can handle all the phases involved in getting your project into space. Our turnkey solution for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) projects includes mission design and system engineering, payload integration, AIV (Assembly, Integration and Verification), insurance and launch management, frequency coordination and registration, ground station network management and operation preparation and execution.

Alén Space Team

Why Alén Space?

  • A team forged with the United Nations, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)

  • 12 years of small satellite projects

  • CubeSats missions: 100% success

  • Experienced with satellite telecommunications operators and nanosatellite communications

Advantages of 5G Space-based Network

  • Wide range. Land-based connections occur short to medium range distance. However, none of them can cover a whole country or continent, and the networks are getting congested with the multiplication of IoT devices.

  • Cost-effective. Consumer and industrial users no longer need separate terrestrial and satellite communication systems.

  • Updated after launch. Alén Space solution allows reconfiguration with nanosatellites in orbit. It can be adapted to the new and dynamic standards of the IT sector.

  • Low latency. Traditional old space satellites are orbiting 36,000 km away from the Earth, so they introduce the problem of latency. For 5G IoT to work, low latencies of few milliseconds are a must. CubeSats are launched in low orbit 400 to 650 km.

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