Small Satellites for Signals Intelligence

Satellite Constellations for Spectrum Monitoring

Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is one of the oldest missions for satellites, especially for its subfield, Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), the analysis and localization of collection of radio frequency (RF) signals.

SIGINT makes it possible to analyze the electromagnetic spectrum, detect interference and transmissions by unauthorized third parties, and identify signals from Earth and outer space. The ability to locate sources of interference is increasing interest in telecommunications industry. Its applications include national security duties and vessel tracking.

Small satellites (nanosatellites and microsatellites under CubeSat standard) can monitor radio signals, so in the event of a disaster, they can provide information regarding the degree of impact and the most seriously affected areas, allowing for more effective planning of rescue.

The main driver for moving towards small satellite constellations is the ability to dramatically lower the cost of old space or airborne missions. In the civilian domain this means essentially opening a new type of business, in the security domain it means lowering the cost of entry for countries seeking to acquiring Spectrum Monitoring capabilities.


Our Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Space Solution

Alén Space provides an end-to-end solution to orbit our customers’ needs. Our turnkey service for SIGINT includes mission design and system engineering, payload integration, AIV (Assembly, Integration and Verification), launch management, frequency coordination and registration, ground segment network management, operation and execution.

Alén Space has developed and prepared its own Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) solution, which consists of:

  • TOTEM SIGINT. A flight proven high performance SDR platform for nanosatellites, designed and manufactured by Alén Space. You can also add a second application for your TOTEM hardware: ADS-B, AIS or IoT.

  • The choice between UHF, S-Band or L-Band, depending on the clients’ preferences.

  • SIGINT software developed by Alén Space for use in space projects and transmitting SIGINT data.

Alén Space Team

Why Alén Space?

  • A team forged with the United Nations, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB)

  • 12 years of small satellite projects

  • CubeSats missions: 100% success

  • Specialists in telecommunications

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