OBC, TTC and OBSW in a Single Module

Highlight Features

  • OBC and TTC in one single motherboard
  • Optional closed OBSW for predefined platforms, based on ECSS/ESA PUS standard
  • SDK based on FreeRTOS for custom development of OBSW
  • Configurable closed TTC application in UHF band (400 MHz or 435 MHz)
  • 2x microSD for massive storage
  • External I2C for additional modules and pre integrated sensors: voltage, current, temperature…


TRISKEL is a three-in-one solution for the command and data handling chain of your satellite. It integrates the On-board Computer (OBC), Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC) and On-board Software (OBSW) in one module allowing communication with ground stations in the UHF band while saving space in the satellite’s platform.