Make your academic space mission succeed. The TRISKEL Mission Award is our contribution to help an educational CubeSat project move forward as quickly as possible. The selected proposal will gain our solution for command and data-handling based on more than 12 years’ experience in developing CubeSats.

About the TRISKEL Mission Award

Are you working on a CubeSat project? With our TRISKEL Mission Award, Alén Space aims to support science, research and educational space programmes.

The winning team will receive as award the core of any platform: a TRISKEL flight model (FM) unit which integrates all the necessary elements to manage the command and data-handling subsystems of a CubeSat mission. In one single motherboard, you can have an On-Board Computer (OBC) and Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC) allowing you save space in your design and maintaining the redundancy and reliability.

Who can apply? 

  • Universities with or without previous experience
  • High-tech and research centres
  • Non-profit organisations (or other non-commercial structure)

For more details, you can consult our legal requirements:

Why is TRISKEL important for your mission?

Engineered with ECSS and ESA Packet Utilization Standards (PUS), TRISKEL features some of the most essential systems of the satellite in one single motherboard.

TRISKEL guarantees Plug&Play compatibility out of the box with many subsystems of different suppliers. What does it include?

  • On-board Computer (OBC).
  • Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC).
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): everything you need to develop your own On-board Software.

“We know how important it is to count with support and help to get far. Today it’s time to give back to community. TRISKEL Mission Award is conceived to provide the best of our knowledge and technology to the most exciting project.”

Guillermo Lamelas, CEO of Alén Space
Guillermo Lamelas


Share the challenge:

Share the challenge:

Calendar and Deadlines

Meet our Jury

Each proposition will be thoroughly analysed by a committee of 4 skilled engineers capable of evaluating a complete small satellite mission.

Submit your project for TRISKEL Mission Award

Interested in taking part of this opportunity?

If your team is going to submit a mission application, your team representative will have to fill in the following information in our nomination form and send it back to

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Organization
  • Position
  • Country
  • Project website
  • Team composition
  • Project partners
  • Mission description
  • Timeline from start to end
  • Funding methods for the complete mission
  • Minimun of three photos of the project: team, facilities, clean chamber, Flat-Sat…

If the disclosed information guarantees the process reliability, you will receive a confirmation email for your candidature within the next few days.

Feel free to send us your queries via email to Our team will contact you as soon as possible.