Alén Space confirms its membership in the International Astronautical Federation during the IAC 2022 congress

September 22, 2022

Alén Space confirma su membresía en la International Astronautical Federation durante la celebración del congreso IAC 2022

The 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) broke all records. With more than 6,500 delegates and 250 exhibitors, the event held in Paris (France) successfully brought together the world’s leading start-ups, companies and organisations in the space industry.

Several representatives of Alén Space’s team attended this congress as part of the commercial delegation Spain Space, a space organised by the public entities ICEX Spain Export and Investment and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) with the aim of promoting Spanish companies linked to the space sector and New Space.

Alén Space, like the rest of the companies, had its own stand at Spain Space to exhibit its most important services and products, including the TREVO subsystem, a new modular platform with a high-performance software defined radio (SDR) that allows the customisation of satellite communications.

During the celebration of the congress, the Alén Space team attended multiple consultations regarding its services, proving that there is a great interest in knowing the capabilities and the current state of the technology offered by the small satellite company, especially at the communications field. For the sales director of Alén Space, Isolina Pérez, “IAC Paris 2022 has been a great opportunity to physically meet again with many of our international customers and potential leads, as well as advancing in numerous projects”.

Member of the IAF together with 12 other Spanish entities

Coinciding with IAC 2022, the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), organiser of the event, confirmed Alén Space as a full member of the IAF.

The IAF is the world’s leading space advocacy organization with more than 433 members in 72 countries, including the most reputable agencies, companies and institutions worldwide.

Before Alén Space, only 12 other Spanish entities had been appointed members of this renowned federation. For the Spanish company to be a member of the IAF is a unique opportunity, because it allows it to achieve public recognition among all members and access to a global network of future business partners.