Alén Space invests in a new cleanroom to tackle future space missions

July 31, 2023

Alén Space invests in a new cleanroom to tackle future space missions

Based on a roadmap oriented towards increasing industrialization of all production processes, Alén Space is committed to continue expanding its technical capabilities and consequently its own facilities, with the goal of providing the best services to its customers and partners.

Recently, the small satellite company inaugurated a new area of over one hundred and twenty square meters at the central headquarters, which includes a cleanroom exclusively for the company’s activities and adapted to the demands of the sector.

The specialist supplier Ingeniería para Salas Limpias S.L.U. carried out the complete design and assembly of an air handling unit (AHU) with F9+G4 filtration stages and H14 absolute filters, ensuring an efficient ventilation system and air quality.

The investment in this area, intended for the assembly, integration and verification of satellite components, is a further step in the growth strategy. Alén Space’s previous facilities were not sufficient to cope with the wave of orders that were being produced. For this reason, it was decided to build a larger and improved cleanroom in line with industry standards.

Looking ahead to the medium and long term, Alén Space maintains an investment plan focused on preparing more workspaces to support its ongoing progress in innovation and development, as well as ensuring its own production line.