The collaboration between Astralintu and Alén Space generates new opportunities for their ground segment services

June 27, 2023

The collaboration between Astralintu and Alén Space generates new opportunities for its ground segment services

Since 2022, Alén Space and Astralintu Space Technologies, an Ecuadorian company specialised in logistics and operation services for space missions, have maintained a close business relationship, which has recently been highlighted by the installation of the ground station, AST-GS1.

In the first quarter of this year, the Spanish small satellite company supplied its integral ground segment solution (GS-Kit) to Astralintu, thus reinforcing a strategic partnership for both organisations.

This ground station, named AST-GS1, is now operational and is the first of the future Equatorial Ground Station Network (EGSN) with which Astralintu plans to track and provide data from payloads on its customers’ satellites, as well as other mission services in the operations phase.

The solution designed by Alén Space contains all the necessary elements to set up and track of LEO satellites (structure; control and radio frequency coaxial cables; Yagi antennas; amplifiers; internal elevation and azimuth rotors; GS control software) in three different bands for reception: VHF, UHF and S-band.

The coordination between Astralintu and Alén Space was a success and opens the door for both companies to increase their ground segment solutions and products, as well as to expand their customer lists.

Another aspect on which the two companies agree is the promotion of the New Space economy in emerging countries (with special emphasis on Latin America), especially for those that need to continue developing new technologies related to the space industry and satellite communications.