Alén Space takes part in the 4th Forum of the Brazilian Space Industry

October 23, 2020

Alén Space has participated in the 4th Forum of the Brazilian Space Industry, which has been held online from October 20 to 23, 2020. This congress is one of the main references of the space sector in Brazil. It has been organised by the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), in collaboration with the São José dos Campos Technology Park. The event was focused on the different applications of the space industry, in addition to stimulate the participation of the private sector in this field.

The 4th Forum of the Brazilian Space Industry has been an excellent opportunity to learn about the space sector in Brazil and to reconnect with former partners. Back in 2015, the Brazilian Space Agency hired the Alén Space team to develop SERPENS, in partnership with the University of Brasilia (UnB). The Cubesat of the project was launched from the International Space Station (ISS) and it was a great success, which allowed to strengthen the confidence of these institutions for future collaborations. Now, the UnB is chasing new challenges in the field of small satellites and the institution maintains its trust in Alén Space for future endeavours.

Alén Space was also part of a panel discussion about ‘New Approach for the Space Sector’. With José Moreira, from Siemens Brazil, as a moderator, Guillermo Lamelas, CEO of Alén Space, discussed new approaches for the space industry with Alvin Alexander, CEO of Orion Applied Science & Technology, and JR Francis, director of business and sales development of Relativity Space.

Guillermo Lamelas highlighted the “know-how of Alén Space” as one of the main guarantees of the company in its consulting, design, manufacture, and operation services of small satellites. The CEO of Alén Space also mentioned some past projects, such as HumSat-D nanosatellite, in collaboration with United Nations (UN).

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