Ground Segment Products for Small Satellites

Find a turnkey solution for the management of your small satellite mission ground stations. See Alén Space’s specific products for the ground segment.

GS-Kit: an All-in-one Solution for Ground Stations

The Ground Station Kit (GS-Kit) is Alén Space’s all-in-one solution that will allow you to set up a ground station and track Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that operate in commercial and amateur bands.

The GS-Kit provides you with all the necessary elements to install a tracking station for small satellites: structure, antennas, cables, azimuth and elevation rotors, GS control software and our SDR-Rack, a rackable dual Software Defined Radio compatible with GNU Radio, providing flexibility for different missions. It can support simultaneously three different bands: VHF, UHF and S-band.

The GS-Kit is delivered in a box ready to be installed by the user, following the installation manual provided. Its easy assembly makes site survey, training and installation assistance by our technicians only needed upon request.

What does GS-Kit include?

  • Antennas, cables, azimuth and elevation rotors.
  • Strong structure with easy assembly.
  • SDR-Rack: rackable dual Software Defined Radio compatible with GNU Radio.
  • Ground station control software.
  • Installation and operation manual.
GS-Kit from Deimos Engineering and Systems

Ground Station provided to our client Deimos Engineering and Systems

SDR-Rack: Ground Segment Communications

Alén Space offers its SDR-Rack as a standalone product or as part of the comprehensive GS-Kit solution.

Our SDR-Rack includes a rack line and two SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices that will allow you to receive and transmit data in the frequency bands you select. Connect it to your ground station antennas and secure communications with your LEO satellites.

Alén Space SDR Rack

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