Communication System for Ground Segment

Highlight Features

  • In transmission: SDR-Rack converts the digital information into an analogue RF signal for transmission via the TX port
  • In reception: SDR-Rack receives the analogue signal via the RX port and converts it into digital information
  • The digital information is processed in a processing unit (computer or server)
  • The SDR-Rack allows transmission and reception in S-band, including space operation frequencies
  • Uplink: 1700 - 2200 MHz
  • Downlink: 700 - 2600 MHz


The SDR-Rack S-Band is a ground station transceiver for different space operation frequency bands, which integrates the SDR and the frontends necessary for communications with satellites in these bands.

This solution allows you to select an internal SDR transceiver or an external transceiver. In the external transceiver mode, the SDR-Rack will amplify the transmission signal and continue supplying the LNA in the reception chain.