Ground Station for S-Band

Highlight Features

  • Antennas S-band (TX, RX)
  • Structure
  • External low noise amplifier (LNA) and diplexer
  • Internal rotors for elevation and azimuth
  • Alén Space’ SDR-Rack: S-Band (TX, RX), compatible with GNURadio
  • Control and RF coaxial cables 
  • Lightning protectors
  • Installation and operation manual
  • Alén Space GS control software


The GS-Kit (S-Band) from Alén Space brings together all the elements needed to set up your own ground station for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. It supports S-band for transmission/reception.

Alén Space’s SDR-Rack, compatible with GNURadio, provides the flexibility to use and update the ground station for different missions. The GS-Kit is easy to assemble, following the manuals provided and with the support of Alén Space’s team.

Our Clients’ Ground Stations (GS-Kits)

Customers from all over the world have relied on us to provide them with reliable, affordable and easy to assemble ground stations that support any mission with LEO satellites.