ViaGalicia Selects Alén Space for its Acceleration Program

January 27, 2017

ViaGalicia selecciona a Alén para el programa de aceleración empresarialLast Saturday, the final round to become part of the ViaGalicia program, Demo Day, took place. Our team presented the pitch of Alén Space, prepared and trained meticulously in the Academy before. The Technical Committee and the collaborating entities of the program (the jury), accord to classify us as one of the 15 most qualified projects to undergo the final acceleration process and thus access to the financing of ViaGalicia.

From now, in Alén Space we prepare to embark on board the second phase of the Academy, which will be taught at CIS Galicia until February 17 focused specifically on the Industry 4.0.

Last October 21 secured a place for Alén Space in the Academy phase after having successfully passed the Startup Day. At the Academy we have attended a training program under the tutelage of experienced professionals in which we have acquired advanced theoretical-practical knowledge about networking, economic-financial projections and orientation to the digital market among other disciplines, with which we pursued a pre-acceleration of the project, for which, we have been required to fully involve the team.

The completion of this trial period, framed under a continuous evaluation, depended on compliance with the requirements established by the Technical Committee.

After the last stage of training, we will access the Accelerator phase, which will be held at the Porto do Molle Business Center in Nigrán. In that stage, we will undergo a high performance program in which networking sessions and round tables will be combined with relevant players in the world of entrepreneurship, with work sessions accompanied by mentors. The activity carried out in that period will be given under the continuous evaluation of the Technical Committee in order to filter the projects that do not fit the bill to present their pitch in the Investors Day (4th phase), where we will have the opportunity to see and call the attention of investors. Igape, R, Banco Pastor, IBM, Amazon Web Services or Vigo Activo are some of the collaborating entities of ViaGalicia.

Out of a total of 236 projects presented at the start of this business acceleration program, we have managed to stand out and gain recognition, support and funding from ViaGalicia.