Ground Station from Deimos Engineering and Systems

The Elecnor group division, Deimos Engineering and Systems, has installed a ground station in Puertollano (Ciudad Real, Spain) that can operate simultaneously in the UHF and S-band, as part of a commercial agreement with Alén Space.

The ground station supplied by Alén Space has two Yagi antennas for the UHF band and a parabolic reflector 1.9 metres in diameter for the S-band data reception. With this technology, Deimos Engineering and Systems will be able to operate its CubeSats in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) due to the implemented telemetry/command channel in UHF and the download of data at high speed, supported by the S-band.

Alén Space supplies comprehensive solutions for the ground segment under the commercial name GS-Kit, which allows its customers to install their own ground stations. These kits have all the necessary elements for tracking LEO satellites: structure, antennas, cables, elevation and azimuth rotors, control software and Alén Space’s SDR-Rack, a product that includes a rack line and two SDR devices to receive and transmit data in different frequency bands, as well as being compatible with GNU Radio.

Featured image: Deimos Engineering and Systems’ ground station supplied by Alén Space